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Best Places to Visit While Visiting London

London is an exceptionally beautiful and renowned city. It’s also a world-famous tourist destination, visited by millions of people each year. Here are some of the best places to visit while you’re there:

The British Museum: the oldest museum in the world, founded in 1753. You’ll find the Egyptian, Etruscan, Roman, and Greek ruins there. The Museum is also a great place for sightseeing with exhibits like the Rosetta Stone and the Sutton Hoo hoard. Have a game of paintball or laser matches at the indoor Laser Range. Visit the British Library: the worldwide leader in academic libraries with a collection almost equal to the Library of Congress. Stop by the Public Library anytime after sundown to see shuttles of read-only books leave each floor in a caravan-like fashion while they await your return.

The Tower of London: constitutes the heart of the city, it’s been the same since the time of construction and is still the economical heart of the city. Whenever you are near Buckingham Palace, you are because you are probably about to visit the tower. Popular tourist sites inside the tower are the Jerseyillon, the London Eye, and the observation Bar. With tickets to the Skyboat Waiting Room, you can watch the churning of the clouds and take a peek at what London looks like at night from the observation deck.

The British Museum: has often been nominated as the world’s best museum, with its basically British collection of art and antiquities. The Archaeological gallery has Greek and Roman ruins, as well as the Egyptian, Etruscan and Roman exhibits. The museum also has a formidable Greek collection and the famousDoric temple of the Pantheon.

If you wish to lodge for an event, you can choose from a range of hotels in London that are conveniently located. The Grosvenor House and Sheraton on Park Lane both have conference rooms. Other 277 guest rooms and suites are ideal for meetings and conferences, banquets, and weddings.

The Wolseley has several conference rooms and the dyne hotel stops only thirty minutes from the museum. The hotel is two stories and 2 rows of superb views from the balcony which overlooks the Castle and the Thames River. The North Norfolk hotel, also located near the museum, provides an ideal location for family excursions and memorial services.

For art lovers, a must-see place is the National Gallery, which provides the awe-inspiring modern art available from medieval pieces to modern masterpieces. In the museum’s basement, you can see the Normandeum, a sculpture built from the Norman conquerors’ repeated attempts at invading Britain. It’s fascinating to see how the art has been reconstructed from memory and styled in contemporary styles. Also in the museum is the portrait of Charles II, the Standards, and the West India Company treasuries.

For natural history lovers, The Natural History Museum, only a few minute’s walks away from the Castle, provides a comprehensive overview of life on our planet. Its education and research facilities are second to none. The museum has a collection of spectacular life statues, spectacular amateur-level toys, fossils, and historic paintings. On any given day, there’s a new fossil to be unveiled and an unusual and seemingly ordinary object to be uncovered. The NHM’s collections take visitors back through 350 million years of Earth’s evolution.

Are you ready for a little adventure? Throw open your car doors and get driving… in style! You can take your bird’s eye view from the air by taking a ride on the Atlantis Submarine, a $30 million submarine that departs from the Bahamas side of Grand Bahama Island every Saturday. Along with the driver, guide and stewardesses, you will soar 600 feet above the ocean and be treated to a 30-mile high taxiing vista of the Caribbean islands.

If you’re tired of the sand, or you’ve had enough of water, try the Garden of the Groves in Freeport. Consisting of 56 lush gardens, you’ll find yourself surrounded by the sounds of the wind and the beauty of the uncovered orchids, exotic palms, and date palms. The gardens were created by renowned French landscape architect Butch stepped in with his well-known monoliths and designed the gardens in such a way as to challenge the best landscaping artists in the region.

There are thousands of ways to explore the Caribbean islands, but if you do as the locals do, you come home with stories galore. After days snorkeling the islands, whale watching organizing, or just lounging on the beach, you’ll clean up in a big way.

presidency and tourismThe islands are a treasure trove of fantastic holiday resorts, each with something different to offer. The Four Seasons on the island of St. Lucia offers authentic luxury accommodations and the world’s only drive-in Volcano.

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